Have you ever seen a famous brand which does not have a logo? There is a very low chance of your answer being ‘no’. That is because logos are a part of the brand’s image and identity. Every brand has a unique way to represent itself visually.  Almost all successful businesses do that using logos.

There is a lot of free logo maker software that you can choose for this task. There are three types of logos you can design using these tools. These are:

  • Logos which are based on text only
  • Logos which contain both images and text
  • Logos which are merely unique images, with no text around the images

The first two types are most common. They are used by both small and large-scale businesses. The third kind is not as common as the former two since only brands which already have a fair share of the market use it. People can immediately recognize them by looking at their image-only logo. For each type of logo, there are numerous free logo design templates available online.

Canva is one of the best options if you are looking to use a free online logo maker and download the final logo as an image. You can pick your favorite template from their library of templates and customize it using the free icons available. The interface is very simple and easy to use. All you have to is drag and drop items onto your design canvas. The services offered by Canva are not only limited to logo design. They offer a variety of other services such as poster and flyer design.

Another good logo maker generator is Graphic Springs. Their application database contains many templates which are sorted in categories. You can pick any of the relevant images from the given options and add your brand name and/or slogan to it. The slight downside of Graphic Springs is that it asks for a nominal fee in order to let you download your logo in high-resolution. The fee, however, unlocks some more perks for you.

Most of the other top-rated tools follow an interface format similar to Canva’s. Their drag and drop feature allows easy editing and customization. Most software and online tools also allow free logo download. Via this option, you can download your logo as a high-resolution image which can then be reused as and when needed. Thus, you can create an impressive market presence for your brand.