In a world where taking shortcuts has become the go-to way to do anything at all, otherwise time-consuming processes have been condensed to what takes only a few minutes to do. The internet has taken the world by a storm, selling itself as the speedier way to life. Businesses are taking note and utilizing this available technology for getting time-consuming jobs done faster.

One of the latest kinds of technology that has come into being is online logo generators. Companies and mostly small businesses are beginning to turn to logo generators to create logos upon which the image of their brand is likely to rest. What these online logo generators essentially do is take information about a company or brand through user input and use this to automatically generate a logo for the company.

Logo generators are readily online, and mostly for free! This makes them an extremely accessible tool for businesses as opposed to finding suitable freelance illustrators to design logos. Most small businesses see this as a blessing since they have to invest little to nothing to get the most out of simple software.

However, in the artistic world, this sort of automation has begun to raise concern. It can be argued that creativity is often lost in the aforementioned need for speed. A prime example of this loss can perhaps be seen in the use of logo generators.

What seems to be concerning about this issue is that there is a major loss in the sense of uniqueness amongst brands as more and more businesses turn to such tools to get their work done. It is important to remember that these generators only have limited elements to incorporate in their ‘creations’, so a lot of work they present to their users get repeated and therefore, repeatedly selected.

Moreover, these kinds of tools are automating a process that was once artistically challenging. Illustrators are finding it difficult to get assignments that ensure their financial stability as technology replaces their skills and talent. Most logo generators focus on creating a highly contemporary and basic style of logos. This has inevitably begun to give rise to a culture of art-meets-businesses that is mundane in nature.

Of course, these may just be concerns of people defending their own interests and surely, everyone is entitled to their opinion. So, what do you think?